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Dzombo, Lunga Lunga - Farmers in Kwale County have been urged to adopt and implement effective farming techniques to grow crops to foster food security and nutrition. At a meeting between the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, KEPHIS, the County Government of Kwale and other stakeholders at the border town of Lunga Lunga, Crop Development and Agricultural Research PS Prof Hamadi Boga noted that currently, farmers that succeed in agriculture are those that use superior crop growing techniques. These include soil testing before planting, use of certified seed by KEPHIS, pest control, learning about market access for produce destined for export markets and use of irrigation.


"A farmer here in Kwale doesn't need to sleep hungry, import food from neighboring counties or be poor as the land is fertile for production of food," he said.

"Usibahatishe mambo ya kilimo," the PS reiterated.

County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri urged the locals to replicate the demo plots that had been shown by KEPHIS to upscale their standards of living. "We can feed ourselves in Kwale county if we practice proper agribusiness."

KEPHIS MD Prof. Theophilus Mutui highlighted the role of KEPHIS in the agriculture sector including Pest Risk Analysis before accessing external markets, laboratory analysis, seed certification and phytosanitary (plant health) services.

Crops showcased during the event include capsicums, maize, pumpkin, sorghum, cassava, sukuma wiki, spinach, tomatoes, chilies, the Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato, Brinjals and watermelon.


1). Lemongrass, 2). Sorghum, 3). Brinjals, 4). Tomatoes, 5). Sukuma Wiki, 6). Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato and 7). Watermelons are some of the crops showcased during the Dzombo, Lunga Lunga meeting between the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, KEPHIS, and stakeholders including the County Government of Kwale.