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As part of the government’s transformative plan on digitization of government services, the National Treasury vide gazette notice No. 16008 of 2008 on Government Services Digital Payment Programme designated the eCitizen.go.ke as the Digital Payments Platform and paybill number 222 222 as the Government’s single payments platform.  

The transformation being a national agenda, KEPHIS transitioned to the new paybill number 222 222 as per the circular’s directive. Further, KEPHIS recognizes the perishable nature of fresh produce and likely impact as a result of transition towards compliance of the directive. Therefore, a communication was sent out before transition was effected informing stakeholders of likely disruption of normal services. While payments are now being carried out through the ecitizen platform using the pay bill number 222 222, there has been a few challenges, which we are working round the clock to resolve. We have set out the following interventions 

  • A Rapid Response Team has been established that is working round the clock to support businesses to navigate through the new system (ieics.kephis.org) which is integrated into the eCitizen platform.
  • We have established service points at the Plant Inspection Unit at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and working hours extended from 8am-9pm
  • Training of Stakeholders and staff is being undertaken to help users on how to use the System (ieics.kephis.org).
  • We have a dedicated email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) manned by staff where an exporter/importer can consult in case of any difficulties in navigating the system

We wish to assure exporters that we are alive to their needs and that we are working round the clock to ensure that they get seamless services. We are aware that the nature of their business is perishable produce, which needs to get to the market quickly and on time. We reiterate that our role is to facilitate safe trade in plants, plant products and other regulated articles.

KEPHIS officers across all regional offices are available to support all stakeholders during the transition period.