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Raw Banana and Brocolli

Kenya in May 2015 initiated a bilateral agreement with a view of accessing the Republic of South Korea market for various products from Kenya. The Republic of South Korea, through the Kenyan Embassy in Seoul, response of January 2016 indicated that unripe banana and Broccoli were exempted from PRA, however they required to be accompanied by a phytosanitary (plant health) certificate. This indicates that Kenya is free to export unripe banana and Broccoli as long as they get a phytosanitary certificate which is issued by KEPHIS.

Apart from market access for unripe banana and broccoli, Kenya exports other agricultural commodities to the Republic of South Korea. These include:

  • Cut flowers such as Roses, Gypsophilla, Freesia, Calla Lillies, Limonium, Solidago, Carnations, Zantedechia, Hydrangea, Lavender and Craspedia. Propagation materials such as Dianthus caryophyllus, Aster spp, Euphorbia spp, Fuschia hybrida, Kalanchoe Poinsettia spp and Chrysanthemum
  • Coffee, dried chillies, Gum Myrrh and Tea

Kenya continues to engage the Republic of South Korea on the export of more products. These include Avocados, Passion fruits, Baby carrots, Baby corn, sugar snaps/snow peas, Broccoli, Karella and Pineapple fruits.

Requirements for certification and issuance of phytosanitary certificates

  1. Exporter interested should be registered by Horticulture Crops Directorate as an exporter or horticultural products.
  2. The client should register with KEPHIS by submitting statutory documents to be issued with credentials for accessing the Electronic Certification System (ECS) in order to make electronic applications for inspection and issuance of phytosanitary certificates. Phytosanitary certificates are issued upon inspection and confirming that the bananas are free from pests and pest damage and meet quality requirements.
  3. Other quality requirements that should be met include the following; ensure the banana are unripe, free from damage, and practically free of any visible foreign matter.

KEPHIS therefore wishes to encourage the youth, women and farmers to increase volumes of unripe banana and broccoli to South Korea as the market for these commodities is open.