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Nairobi - Kenya has been granted market access by the Peoples’ Republic of China for export of fresh avocado fruits. This is in addition to the export of frozen avocado fruits granted market access in 2019. This follows successful completion of the rigorous Pest Risk Analysis carried out by KEPHIS and the National Plant Protection Organization of China, which identified quarantine pests of concern to China, which should be controlled before export.

All the fresh avocado fruits must comply with all applicable Chinese phytosanitary (plant health) laws and regulations, health and safety standards and be free from any quarantine pests of concern to China.

Specifically, all producers and exporters intending to export fresh avocado to China must:-

  1. Have all their production farms, packhouses and fumigation treatment facilities registered by KEPHIS.
  2. Apply Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and keep good sanitary conditions as well as implement Integrated Pest Management programs, including pest monitoring, chemical and biological control and any other pest control operations.
  3. Monitor and manage quarantine pests of concern to China under the guidance of KEPHIS; KEPHIS shall carry out periodic field inspection.
  4. Keep monitoring records of quarantine pests as well as pest management measures implemented.
  5. Carry out phytosanitary treatment of the fresh avocado fruits by fumigation before export.
  6. Ensure that all consignments are inspected prior to export.


KEPHIS will monitor the processing, packaging, storage and transportation of the fruits.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. More information can also be found on the KEPHIS website at www.kephis.org.