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KEPHIS Headquarters, Nairobi – A delegation from the Government of Burundi was at KEPHIS Headquarters to experience firsthand KEPHIS globally accredited laboratory facilities and to learn about plantwise processes they can put in practice in their country.

The event saw them have an overview of the plant wise clinic operations, data management and processing, integrated pest management based recommendations and the electronic capture of plant data. There was also the introduction and tour of the plant health laboratory, tour of the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory and a visit to the Plant Quarantine and Biosecurity Station at Muguga.


Mr. Peter Kamuti, the Ag. Head of the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (2nd right) explaining laboratory analysis to the dele

Plantwise is a global programme led by CABI, which assists farmers loose less of what they grow to plant health issues. Working closely with national agricultural advisory services, CABI has established a global clinic network, run by trained plant doctors, where farmers can find practical plant health advice. The objectives of this project are to build capacity on pest diagnostics, strengthen data management of invasive insects, improve the livelihoods of farmers and enhance National Plant Protection Organizations monitoring protocols and management technologies.

KEPHIS trained the delegates on plant clinic activities, pest surveillance, laboratory testing and pest risks analysis.

The participants were Dr. Niyokwishimira Alfred – Director General Of Burundi Institute of Agricultural Sciences Research (ISABU), Mme. Nyandwi Vestine – Director General of the General Directorate of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (MINEAGRIE), Mme. Itangishaka Goreth – Director of the Directorate of plant protection MINEAGRIE, Dr. Ir. Irakoze Willy – Director of Research ISABU, Dr. Ir Niyongere Celestin – Program leader Crops Production ISABU and Dr. Ir. Ndayihanzamaso – Plant Pathologist ISABU.

The tour was a collaboration between KEPHIS, Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) and the Government of Burundi.